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  1. Tim Redmond
    Tim Redmond
    After nine or so Caminos, now planning to walk from Canterbury to Rome 2018.
  2. Stephen Beasley
    Stephen Beasley micknoonan
    Hi Mick...many thanks...I`ll check out the guides you mention and am also going to buy one of the books available...just working out which will be the most useful ! Thanks again...Steve.
  3. Margaret Tully
    Margaret Tully
    Fit, active retired professional woman mid 60's with experience on pilgrimages and distance walking.
  4. Margaret Tully
    Margaret Tully
    Planning walking The Way of St Francis Florence to Rome Aug 2017
  5. Margaret Tully
    Margaret Tully
    I have walked CF, some of the AT in USA, hiked through Israel .
  6. Stephen Beasley
    Stephen Beasley micknoonan
    Hello Mick...I`ve been reading your post about the file of the Canterbury to Besancon route and have had the problem you had of finding the route files being the same...can you send the correct file to my email please ?

    My email is - - I`m hoping to set off on the full journey on foot sometime in July.


    1. micknoonan
      Hi Steve...will send shortly....have you thought about using Maps.Me with the go's file?
      Also are you using the Lughtfoot G├╣ides?
      May 20, 2017
  7. Lua
    Planning to walk a section from Lucca to Siena in 2017 and looking for best english guide book.
  8. Meurry
    Looking for help and tips to walk the full Italian part of the via Francigena
  9. Jessica Johnson
    Jessica Johnson
    Walking Via Francigena August -October 2017
    1. Jane V. Blanchard
      Jane V. Blanchard
      Jessica, My husband and I will be walking at that time. We are flying into Venice and will spend a few days there to get over the jet lag and to see the city. From there we will visit a friend in Milan before heading to the San Bernardo Pass. Hopefully, we will see you on the Via.
      Feb 4, 2017
  10. Blanca
    Hello everyone, would you be able to tell me where to get pilgrims credentials. I plan to start from Lausaunne in July. Thank you.
    1. MichaelSG
      I'd recommend joining the Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome Organization and they will send you a credential. They also have the best list of places to stay.
      Dec 12, 2016
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    2. Blanca
      Thanks Michael. I will try that.
      Dec 20, 2016
  11. Jotown
    Walked the Via Francigena from Ramsgate, to Canterbury, and then through England,France,Switzerland,Italy to Rome.5th April to 4th July 2016
  12. Mike Fitzgerald
    Mike Fitzgerald
    Trying to get fitter for my walk from Lausanne to Rome from 29th August
  13. Norma Corstorphine
    Norma Corstorphine
    Planning and training for our VF walk which will begin August 9, 2016 in Besancon.
  14. SandyBrown
    4x on Camino de Santiago, 3x on Via di Francesco, 1x on VF.
  15. Paul Twmba
    Paul Twmba
    Credential/Pilgrim Passport arrived-ordered 31/3,posted London 3/4,arrived Toowoomba14/4. Preps continue like learn how to use 'smart' phone
  16. Paul Twmba
    Paul Twmba
    Need visa (with interview Sydney) for more than 90 days stay in Europe- now walk from Besancon 14 June- Krakow for WYD-leave Rome 12th Sept
  17. Peregrino
    I live in Canada. Can anyone tell me how I can get a credential/pilgrim's passport before I start my pilgrimage.
  18. Jotown
    Start from Ramsgate 5th April 2016, to Canterbury and onwards to Rome
  19. Annette london
    Annette london
    Various caminos in the last 11 years. Member of the Camino Santiago forum
  20. Annette london
    Annette london
    Annette london
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