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  • In Santiago. Recovering after an unexpectedly long and wet final day on the Camino Portugues.
    Day 11 - Reims. Train to Loivre and walked missed 12km. Bought new gel insoles! Can recommend CIS hostel - cheap, central, good breakfast.
    Day 10 - Sainte Croix to Reims. Missed canal junction and lost 3 hours. Room booked for 2 nights so took train from Loivre to Reims.
    Day 9 - Saint-Gobain to Sainte Croix. Loved Laon but hated torrential rain later. Dropped plan to wild camp. Excellent B&B 'La Besace'
    Day 8 - Guiscard to Saint-Gobain. Storm overnight so little sleep. Stopped in forest at 4pm to try to catch up sleep.
    Day 7 - Peronne to Guiscard. Ba king sun, rain and strong wind. Have left the canals for a while. Aim to join them again at Berry-Au-Bac.
    Day 6 - Moevres to Peronne. Badly bitten by insects :-( Making up for it with hotel room and dinner.
    Day 5 - Douai to Moevres. A great day. Late start, cooler weather, overcast part of the day.
    Day 4 - Bethune to Douai. Another long detour for closed towpath. First real bed and shower since Calais. Luxury!
    Day 3 - Saint-Omer to near Bethune. Frustrating start with rain, towpath closure and diversion. Much better later on.
    Day 1 - Canterbury to Calais. Relaxing and drinking LOTS of water after a long hot and very enjoyable day.
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