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    Canterbury to Rome

    I think this 90 days in any 180 day period thing is untenable politically in the long term -- not just because it seriously violates the foundational 19th Century International Treaties defining what a Passport is in the International Law (as does BTW the whole "you need more than 6 months...
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    Canterbury to Rome 2021

    erm, actually very often they're not -- but they can be a good emergency solution in a situation in need. Don't make a habit of drinking that water !!
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    Spring 2020

    Good luck on the Way, and this 90-day thing seems to be causing more and more problems.
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    Canterbury to Rome 2021

    This 90 days thing really is annoying, and I'm supposedly going to be subjected to it myself from 2021 onwards (outside France), even as a legal resident of a Member State of the EU (though during the 2020 Brexit transitional period the rules stay the same for us Brits). (but we'll probably...
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    Geneva or Lausanne to Grand St Bernard Pass

    On a different forum I might suggest just starting along on the lakeside section out of Lausanne, but well, it's not a different forum and that would be a significantly long extra chunk of the Way to add into your plans -- not to mention the probably hefty cost of doing so in Swiss Francs.
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    Canterbury to Rome 2021

    The current EU visa laws are probably in direct violation of International Law, from their entirely artificial and perhaps legally scandalous imposition of restrictions to ordinary Passport rights and duties enshrined in such things as the Vienna Convention ; but that will not help you in the...
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    Canterbury to Rome 2021

    If you need a longer stay, then maybe you should apply for a full visa, instead of the simpler tourist "schengen visa". The French Government website is here : But as you can see, it works as a "schengen visa" in the EU...
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    Not the Camino

    "The" Francigena has a similar network of secondary and alternative routes extending throughout Europe as the Camino, and many place names and churches, bridges, etc are named for the Way to Rome -- including BTW on several routes of the Camino itself !! The Section of the Catalan Way between...
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    Swiss Guard says Farewell to Rome (brought over from the Santiago pilgrims forum)
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    Skipping last two sections due to traffic safety?

    The only part of my own Way to Rome where there was any serious danger from traffic was along the Ligurian coast, west of Genova -- one tunnel in particular was rather hairy indeed, long, dark, very narrow, and no sidewalk at all -- but I cannot remember any trouble of that kind walking into...
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    Food in Italy

    Food is the most absolute non-problem imaginable in Italy. I actually gained weight on my 2000 to Rome ...
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    Canterbury to Rome

    It's still possible to apply for a full Visa rather than the simplified Schengen one, and given that your country of arrival into the Schengen area would be France, that would be the country to apply to.
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    Rome Fiumicino to Lucca

    Train -- but it takes 4 hours +, so you might be better finding some good stop along the way to stop and rest in, then carry on in the morning (Rome is expensive, and anywhere an hour or two train journey time out from it will be a bit less so). I'd actually suggest stopping over in either...
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    The Via Francigena - official website

    Refresh your browser maybe ? Or try with a different one ? The site is up at this end of the woods ...
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    30-40 days too little time?

    Well, if you are bloody fast to the extent of being able to manage a 40K daily average and more, then maybe -- but probably not TBH. At 42 Km/day it took me 44 days from Paris to Santiago, and that's a much shorter distance. So unless you're capable of something like a 50K/day average, that's...