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    The Via Francigena cycle route has been completely mapped using GPS and can be examined on the official website. However, this extraordinary route is not adequately signposted and needs a helping hand if it is to fulfil its potential as the longest signposted cycle route in Italy. To complete...
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    Discovering the Via Francigena - Discovering the Via Francigena

    Interest in the Via Francigena continues to grow. Some time ago I came across a document that sheds some light on the history of the Via Francigena. The document is "largely, but not entirely, the English translation of the introduction" to Giovanni Caselli's book “Via Romea, Cammino di Dio”...
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    The Via Francigena - travel guide English edition (Ebook) - The Via Francigena - travel guide English edition (Ebook)

    Since the Middle Ages, Rome is, for Christianity, one of the most important pilgrimage destinations, together with Santiago and the Holy Land (the so called “peregrinationes maiores”). The route from France to Rome, through Val di Susa and Moncenisio, was named “Francigena”. Even nowadays...