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    Camino Francigena in September?

    By the way Donna, in case you are not aware of it, there is a free app, I just downloaded the app, and the maps for each stage. It is really easy to use as according to other users! Buon Camino and see you soon!
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    Camino Francigena in September?

    Hello Donna, my wife and I will be arriving Rome from Canada on October 16, 2017 and heading to Florence to rest couple days or a bit of site-seeing in Cinque Terre. Then we will start walking from Lucca to Rome. We might cross path with you, hope GSB is still passable for you! Hope you are...
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    Celebrating my 70th birthday!!!

    Hi Blance, when do you plan to walk from Aosta to Rome, this year or 2018? We plan to walk from Lucca mid October this year or May 2018 as I have inflamed muscle problem at the moment? Hope to cross path sometimes!