2016 Slow Walk to Rome 2015-10-28

Slow walk on Via Francigena

  1. amaWalkers Francigena
    Hi all,

    If you would love to walk to Rome in the Holy Year and earn the Testimonium certificate but can't take a month or two holiday and can't walk 20 km - 30 km per day, this might be for you!

    amaWalkers Francigena is offering a 12 day, 10 km per day walk on the Via Francigena from Viterbo to Rome next year.

    Meet in Rome on 15 July, travel to Viterbo on 16 July and walk back to Rome. We will stay in each place - mostly religious houses and a convent - for 2 nights so that you don't have to pack up each day or carry a heavy pack.

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