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  1. Hiawatha

    Viterbo to Rome traffic?

    Leaving Sutri is perhaps the most dangerous morning's walk of the entire Francigena. It's a shame really as Sutri is a delight , packed with archeological wonders and boasting a marvellous Roman ampithetre . Iwouldnt want to miss these sights but given the option again I would take a taxi to...
  2. Hiawatha

    Looking for mountains

    Sounds marvelous :) , you will see many mountains departing from Aosta and they will stay with you until Santhia . Pontremoli was one of my favourite towns , small , quaint and with a refreshing absence of traffic and tourists .
  3. Hiawatha

    Cape or umbrella?

    I've tried most things to protect from rain and have come to the conclusion that a decent oversized Gore tex jacket is the best compromise . Short jackets leave your upper thighs exposed , when these large muscles get wet and cold you can be in real trouble , one a few sizes too large will for...
  4. Hiawatha

    Lucca to Rome in May 2020

    Andy the pass is unlikely to be open , you might be lucky but it would be wise to have an alternate plan . Aosta is close by and is a good point for commencement , the walk from there to Santhia is wonderful .
  5. Hiawatha

    Lucca to Rome in May 2020

    Lucca is an amazing town , make sure to climb both towers , the views are spectacular .
  6. Hiawatha

    Easter problems?

    I found it to be incredibly tedious ? It does have points of interest but then having walked from Aosta perhaps i was spoilt . Rice paddies galore and later in the season flies and mosquitoes by the literal million . Perhaps the most maddening aspect was the indirectness of the route , your...
  7. Hiawatha

    Easter problems?

    I had trouble finding accommodation in Pavia , more so than just about anywhere else .There appears to be a shortage of beds in this town . Try to get a confirmed booking at a hotel , one pilgrim facility denied having mine and the bookings of others , a late arrival by a local religious group...
  8. Hiawatha

    Translation from the Latin

    Thank you JabbaPapa.:)
  9. Hiawatha

    Translation from the Latin

    That's Minihaha you're thinking of :) I tried Google translate but Latin is a complex language and differs vastly from the literal to the inferred or implied meaning .
  10. Hiawatha

    Translation from the Latin

    My schoolboy Latin is just not up to it Does anyone have an accurate translation of the Testimonium granted by the Vatican? It seems silly to me to have it proudly displayed on my office wall with only an inkling of what it actually says .
  11. Hiawatha


    Here Gerard . Not cheap , but then I shared the room with two friends . The owner is very helpful and the building is a beautiful handcrafted relic .
  12. Hiawatha


    Note that the Oratorio Don Bosco in Medesano has only four beds available for pilgrims rather than the seventeen mentioned in guide books and accommodation lists.
  13. Hiawatha

    Good news about the Parco dell'Insugherata (entering Rome)

    I'm in Malta now for some r&r then returning to Rome tomorrow for the 27hr flight home to Melbourne . I am glad I walked the Francigena, especially the way from Aosta to Vercelli ,though unlike the Camino de Santiago I really do doubt that I would do it again . I heard many times on the way how...
  14. Hiawatha

    Good news about the Parco dell'Insugherata (entering Rome)

    It has been cleared in a fashion but watch out for trailing blackberry canes at eye height ready to tear your face to pieces . It was a relief to find it clear , a respite from the road and the gut wrenching smell of weeks of uncollected and putrifying garbage in La Storta. Watch out for rabbit...
  15. Hiawatha


    The '3' SIM card I bought was terrible , it uses the same coverage network as 'Wind '. There were many times where I stayed in b&b.s that had no WiFi despite claiming so and was also unable to connect via my own data. Use one of the larger companies.
  16. Hiawatha

    San Quirico to Radicofani

    The group of seven seasoned walkers with me all agree that this is a very hard stage. Be wary of the giant green snakes along the river as well . I know they are supposed to be harmless but they certainly put me on high alert.
  17. Hiawatha

    Road walking safety

    Similarly to Julie, I used a bright florescent pack cover to increase visibility as well . It did work but is cold comfort against 40 tonnes of steel traveling at 100kmh. Unfortunately it seems there is no solution to this , if you wish to walk the Francigena you must be prepared to brave some...
  18. Hiawatha


    Hotel Toscana is great if you need a break from hostels . Not expensive, clean spacious rooms with good showers. A family run hotel centrally located with fantastic meals and wine at a modest cost . Certainly the best hotel I've stayed since Aosta.
  19. Hiawatha

    Official path v/s variants

    My second cousin is walking with us and has been using the Cicerone guide since Aosta. He has also been whinging for the entire way about the many inaccuracies, especially in distance calculations , that he has found.
  20. Hiawatha

    The road route from Radicofani to Aquapendente.

    The trouble starts at Ponte Rigo , you have two options , left along the road to Centeno or right to Proceno both lead to Aquapedente . The Proceno route is much longer and adds almost 9km to the stage but is very scenic. The road route between Centeno to Aquapedente is possibly the most...