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    Food in Italy

    I read somewhere on the internet that pasta and pizza were not routinely available in Italy from 1400-1800 (I think that's the times it said). Is true? What are the BIG meal times and what are the smaller meal times. Here in the US, lunch a smaller meal is 1100-1400, with the big meal (dinner)...
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    Bagno Vignoni accommodations

    Can anyone recommend a place to stay in Bagno Vigoni that is inexpensive to moderate priced for a pilgrim. We will be there the end of October this year. I looked on the list of accommodations and nothing is listed. Searching Airbnb and found only places a over our limit. Thanks!
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    Short Bike Rental - 2 Days from Rome

    A friend and I are planning our hike from Lucca to Rome in Nov. 2019, but we are running out of days because we want to tour Rome for 2 days. We were wondering it it would be possible to rent bikes 4 days hike out of Rome and bike into Rome in 2 days. Say from Sutri to Rome. Anyone know of a...