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    Posting a diary and photos enroute.

    I'm afraid I never did! But you can probably copy the web page address and paste it into your facebook post
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    Posting a diary and photos enroute.

    It can be pretty tiring to write something up each evening and get it posted - especially as finding wifi isn't as easy as you might presume and you'll end up using data on your phone. It may be easier to do a short update each day on Facebook and then use a blog which you can update with more...
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    Mass times Vetralla

    Did a search and found this
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    Po river ferry

    I think I paid 10 euro for the ferry in January 2020. But you need to ring to book the ferry at least the day before with Danilo
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    Road walking safety

    THE VF has been rerouted from the main road out of Piacenza to the very edge of Montale - but this still leaves walking the main road from Montale to a roundabout just before Pontenure (less than 2km). And the very hairy roundabout in the picture can now be completely avoided! - It is all signed...
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    Planning accommodation through France right now

    I am not confined by the 90 day rule and I am walking the VF in sections. I have taken my tent because it reduced costs and at times gave me different options for split up days. Yet most people walk the VF without a tent. Efren when he carried 10 litres of water was probably over kill as I did...
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    accommodation list for the italian part of via francigena

    Hi caminka Just walked a week in january from Vercelli to Fidenza. Can confirm that santa Cristina is closed in the winter season. And Orio Litta ostello grangia benedictine is open all year. Just to fill in the question marks on the file! And thanks it is a great piece of work!
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    Spring 2020

    Lightfoot guide normally gives an elevation chart for each day's route (watch the scales vary) - and a summary note about the stages walk that should give an indication of the difficult of a section - or the on the walking route notes for each stage gives a one word description...
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    Spring 2020

    The Lightfoot guide has some uneven days and I certainly combined some days in France and split others differently to the guide. As I am planning another section - looking in Italy in the Lightfoot guide there are days listed as 14.2km, 16.2km and 11.6km in the flat Po valley section- so I am...
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    Starting from Dublin

    Hey Kevin - sounds like a great idea! No idea of a route to Canterbury because I have a route planned out (that I will use some day when I have time!) to connect in with the Via Francigena at Reims using ferry from Dublin to Cherbourg, following a GR to Mont St Michel and then using a pilgrim...
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    Tent query

    A tent is not essential but can prove useful. It does provide another source of accommodation options at campsites which may mean it is easier and cheaper to find accommodation than solely relying on pilgrim accommodation , gites d'etape, chambre d'hotes and hotels. In a pinch I also found that...
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    Canterbury to Rome leaving on 15th June!

    Take it easy and I hope your plans get back on track soon
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    Canterbury to Rome leaving on 15th June!

    Hi. I am heading on 15th July for another section from Langres over Grand St Bernard Pass. So depending on your leisurely speed we may cross paths. I brought a tent but used a mix of accommodation depending on what was available, weather and health for the 2 sections I walked, Canterbury to...
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    Official path v/s variants

    I can't comment on the Italian section but I did sometimes use Raju in France as it often was more direct as she was happy to plan a route on quiet roads while the official GR route tends to avoid road walking and at times avoids towns in favour of tracks and paths. Raju was often my starting...
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    September Langres diocese group pilgrimage

    Picked up a leaflet about a planned diocesan pilgrim from 11th to 18th of September 2019 from Langres to Besancon. If you are planning to walk in the Autumn it might be useful to note their planned stops for accommodation.
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    Notes from Chalons en Champagne to Langres

    Had a wonderful week walking between Chalons en Champagne to Langres even with some pretty nasty rain. Just a few notes (1) I walked the route via Coole/Corbeil from Chalons - I stayed with pilgrim hosts - the Sognys in Coole who have taken in pilgrims for many years - they fed me dinner and...
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    Hello and doing 3 weeks from Canterbury in august

    Hi thierre Hope you get on well on the Italian part. And all the best with high temperatures in Italy. ..I would find those tough
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    Hello and doing 3 weeks from Canterbury in august

    The chair looks nice! But might be a bit heavy for my pack, plus I am happy to sit on ground. My nickname in one place I worked was rug rat as I was often found sitting on floor behind desk though that had more to do with a really uncomfortable seat
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    Hello and doing 3 weeks from Canterbury in august

    Hi I am Ruth from Ireland. Having done camino frances and caminho português in sections, I am starting the VF again breaking it down into sections to fit my holidays on from work. So I am planning my first section from Canterbury down into France for 3 weeks starting on 6th August. Looking...