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  1. AdrianoConnie

    Concerns over Coronavirus

    We are not meant to leave Australia until May 28 and start walking from Canterbury June 1st. We are sitting and waiting until later in April to make a final decision. My common sense side says to wait until next year. My childish, two year planning side is crying, stomping my feet, and feeling...
  2. AdrianoConnie

    Planning accommodation through France right now

    Hi Jack, We will both carry 3L each. We have great reusable containers that keep water cool. Never failed us walking in the Portuguese summer for 7 weeks so we are sticking to a proven test. We only ever take a sleeping bag liner but in a tent it always warms up. Our tent weighs 2.3kg so we...
  3. AdrianoConnie

    Planning accommodation through France right now

    Hi all, We are planning our pilgrimage. I know most people disagree with planning but we must stay within the 90 day period and we really want to do the whole VF. In our planning we have been watching Efren Gonzales blogs from 2018. Something that has struck us is the lack of accommodation...
  4. AdrianoConnie

    Money cards

    Hi Michellegriff, Below is the link to the multi currency card that we use. Kind regards, Adriano and Connie
  5. AdrianoConnie

    Canterbury to Rome

    We are also aussies and tried to stretch our visa. I contacted both the French and Italian Embassy in Victoria for a bilateral waiver visa. I got a strong no from both. Good luck if you find a way to get this. And if you do, please share the love.
  6. AdrianoConnie

    Canterbury to Rome

    Hi Sandra, We are walking Canterbury to Rome form June 1 next year. We also are from Australia. We are aiming to do the walk in 80 days so we can have some rest time in Positano afterwards. Gotta stretch the visit when you can ;);)
  7. AdrianoConnie

    5 things you need to know about the Via Francigena

    Hi ApCalder, From all of our reading the pass seems to be open by the end of June. We anticipate not getting to the pass until mid to late July and think we should be ok. Good luck, Connie and Adriano
  8. AdrianoConnie

    5 things you need to know about the Via Francigena

    Wow! Thanks heaps. This really helped to iron out some questions. I do have another question. Your backpacks look tops. We normally carry a back pack and a smaller front pack which in effect balances us out the way your packs do. Did you order them online or were you able to go somewhere and get...
  9. AdrianoConnie

    Tent query

    We leave for our VF next June and we are taking a tent. We know that there is accommodation along the way but just in case we will be prepared. Our tent weighs 2.3kg. We are balancing ourselves out. Getting very excited
  10. AdrianoConnie

    The Via Francigena - official website

    Hi all, we have been using this site to prepare and map our walk. Last weekend we could no longer access this site. Today we tried again and it seems to have vanished. Does anyone know anything about this? Perhaps it is a southern hemisphere problem? Thanks in advance. Baffled Aussies
  11. AdrianoConnie

    Money cards

    Hi Ros, We use a multi currency cash passport card. We put money onto it over time in Australia and the currency value on the day we load the card does not change. We use it like a normal savings withdrawal card at ATMs. The card says MasterCard on it but we do not get charged for using it...
  12. AdrianoConnie

    Lucca to Rome end of March 2019

    Hi there, we followed a Cuban travel blogger named Efren Gonzales. He has a youtube channel and a blog space. He filmed each day he walked on the VF and made a record for people to follow. Each day is only a minute of recording but it will get your excitement levels to a real high. Really worth...
  13. AdrianoConnie

    Proper Guide

    Equally you can get both parts as e-books.
  14. AdrianoConnie

    Camping in Switzerland

    We plan to camp also on some parts when we do our walk. We are investigating tent choices at the moment. What tent did you use and was it ok?
  15. AdrianoConnie

    Hello, I’m excited!

    Hello Richie, we are planning to do the entire length in 2020. Oh so much fun we find also in the planning. We are following tips also. There is a blog on youtube by a Dutch couple. Worth a look. Much excitement, us two
  16. AdrianoConnie

    Hello from us two

    Hello Thierre. We won't be setting off until 2020. So we have some time to go yet. However we have now decided to do the entire walk and will take long service leave from work to do so. Have a wonderful walk from August. I know we don't say Bom Caminho but I am not sure what else to say. Adriano...
  17. AdrianoConnie

    Hello from us two

    Hi all, we stumbled across this site from the Camino Portuguese forum. We are now excited about this as our next walk, at least from Switzerland. We need to do some further reading but woohoo for this forum. We will be keenly reading other peoples knowledge. Nice to meet everyone, Adriano and Connie
  18. AdrianoConnie

    We have walked from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela (SdC). We are soon to embark from Lisbon to...

    We have walked from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela (SdC). We are soon to embark from Lisbon to SdC then to Finisterre, Muxia and back to SdC. We were wondering where to next and came across this pilgrimage. We are excited to start our research here!!