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  1. AdrianoConnie

    Planning accommodation through France right now

    Hi all, We are planning our pilgrimage. I know most people disagree with planning but we must stay within the 90 day period and we really want to do the whole VF. In our planning we have been watching Efren Gonzales blogs from 2018. Something that has struck us is the lack of accommodation...
  2. AdrianoConnie

    The Via Francigena - official website

    Hi all, we have been using this site to prepare and map our walk. Last weekend we could no longer access this site. Today we tried again and it seems to have vanished. Does anyone know anything about this? Perhaps it is a southern hemisphere problem? Thanks in advance. Baffled Aussies
  3. AdrianoConnie

    Hello from us two

    Hi all, we stumbled across this site from the Camino Portuguese forum. We are now excited about this as our next walk, at least from Switzerland. We need to do some further reading but woohoo for this forum. We will be keenly reading other peoples knowledge. Nice to meet everyone, Adriano and Connie