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    Camino Francigena in September?

    I do wish you a great journey. I am planning on walking from Canterbury to St. Peter's beginning the end of April. I have many of the same questions as you. I am going to try to have my daily places of rest reserved for at least the first week. After reading all the blogs I can, I know that...
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    I am not bringing any camping equipment like a tent, stove and such. I just have a very light weight sleeping bag, a good poncho (I can use it as a tarp if necessary) and my Camino backpack. For the rain I have a rain jacket and my poncho and of course my hat. I hate rain spots on my glasses.
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    Hi from England

    Sorry your photo is so small in thumbnail that I just can't tell. I downloaded the accommodation list from CPR but I don't have a clue how to get the French VF associations. Unless they have an English list I would be out of luck. Right now all I can say in French is hello, goodbye and...
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    Hi from England

    I hope so SirJohn. Where are you going to staying the night at through out France. I wish you luck and pray on your journey.
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    Walking to Rome in 2016

    Thank you William. I am new at this forum
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    Hi from England

    I am planning on leaving Canterbury mid-April beginning of May of this year.
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    Walking to Rome in 2016

    I was wondering how many are leaving Canterbury for Rome in the middle of April beginning of May time frame of this year. That is when I intend on beginning my walk.
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    Happy New Year everyone! I am planning my walk from Canterbury to Rome beginning mid-April...

    Happy New Year everyone! I am planning my walk from Canterbury to Rome beginning mid-April early May. Any help would be welcome.