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  1. sergea

    Lucca to Rome end of March 2019

    Hi LeiaLane, Good luck to you. Have a look at Video Switzerland to Roma. Enjoy... And keep us posted. Serge
  2. sergea


    Hi Sadaigh, I have completed the pilgrim this year from Canterbury to Reims and from Cossonay (Switzerland) down to Rome. In almost each and every location I managed to get access to a WiFi hotspot. Or at least once a day as you tend to cross villages where restaurants or bars will provide you...
  3. sergea

    Will be starting from Canterbury on June 3

    Hi Michael, about to leave from Canterbury on May 4th on my way to Lausanne. I have already completed Lausanne to Rome Feb and March this year.
  4. sergea

    GR145 - GPX

    Hi, I'm trying to find GPX of the GR145 in France. On the web one can find GPX from Calais to Péronne and from Reims onwards but I haven't found GPX of the GR145 from Péronne to Barry-au-Bac through St-Quentin. Thanks in advance for your help...