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  1. Tim Redmond

    Starting from Dublin

    @kevinthepilgrim welcome. It may be worth connecting with Anja Bakker also on Facebook but I can’t find her here. She started last year from her home 'somewhere down your way' and continued to Rome but not through Dublin. She went through S Wales. Until recently I...
  2. Tim Redmond


  3. Tim Redmond

    30-40 days too little time?

    @DiscoDisco You would be talking about a very high mileage and walking will take a long time of each day. If you really are set on doing it, search for Ross Simpson, on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram (but not on this forum) who ran from Canterbury to Sicily last summer, camping along the...
  4. Tim Redmond

    Two first stages from Grand Saint Bernard pass

    Hello @eze and welcome. You must do what is best for you. I would just add a further suggestion to the above. My own experience would be that if you are going to start at GSB, it would be a shame not to go back (north) to the next bus stop, Bourg St Bernard, which is where the tunnel begins. The...
  5. Tim Redmond

    Canterbury to Rome leaving on 15th June!

    Hi Scot, just noticing you got no replies. :( It is not the busiest of forums. And not the busiest of routes either. I walked last year starting 1st April and arriving Rome June28th, so a bit ahead of you. I didn't camp, but it is a useful option certainly in France. Not necessary in Italy...
  6. Tim Redmond


    My experience was like that of @Melanie Trethowan. I walked from Canterbury to Rome April-June 2018. I didn't find wifi readily available in most accommodation I stayed in in Italy. And in particular I would say every B&B says it has wifi, but often it did not work!!! Ostelli and church...
  7. Tim Redmond

    Way Marks

    Thank you that is most kind! And yes the signage which IS there is much more significant than what is not there. :) The work of volunteers is very inspiring. And the paths so far have been attractive!
  8. Tim Redmond

    Way Marks

    @Ronha Totally agree and yes it was surprising. Good in Switzerland too and very good all the way after the pass GSB. I am walking from Rome to Brindisi and it is NOT as good, (although still very much better than in France).
  9. Tim Redmond

    Canterbury to Rome 2017

    David, Will be interested to hear how your plans develop. Where do you hope to start? If all goes well I hope to set out around Easter next year, but nothing set in stone yet! And I definitely need to update my camping skills first! Best of luck. Tim
  10. Tim Redmond

    Canterbury to Rome 2017

    Jessica I would be most interested to hear how you get on. I am reluctant(-ish) to camp(!) :(but suspect it is the only affordable option.
  11. Tim Redmond

    Canterbury to Rome 2017

    Jill, Thanks so much for your reply. I am getting the same impression that the French leg of the journey may be unreasonably expensive! I am reluctant to carry a tent, though I have not completely ruled it out yet. Tim
  12. Tim Redmond

    Canterbury to Rome 2017

    If you are still planning to go June, I would very much like to hear how you get on. I plan to have a go next year (2018). Not very enthusiastic about camping, but will not be affording many hotels either! I would be interested particularly in how you get on with accommodation. Tim
  13. Tim Redmond

    After nine or so Caminos, now planning to walk from Canterbury to Rome 2018.

    After nine or so Caminos, now planning to walk from Canterbury to Rome 2018.