1. RetirementReflections

    We have just completed our walking pilgrimage from Lucca to Rome

    We have just completed our 22 day walk (+ 2 rest days) from Lucca to Rome. We then spent 5 days in Rome and are now on our return flight home (Canada). I wrote a brief daily post that you can read here: I included our accommodation details in each post. It was an...
  2. RetirementReflections

    Currently walking from Lucca to Rome

    My husband and I are currently walking from Lucca to Rome. We have provided a short summary of each day’s walk, including our accommodations and some expenses. We are happy to answer any questions that we can. You can read our summaries here:
  3. Valarie Milazzo

    Planning Assisi to Rome June 2018

    Hi fellow pilgrims! After an amazing walk from O Cebreiro to Santiago de Compostela this Spring, my sister-in-law and I are looking into the Roman Way pilgrimage next year, starting in Assisi. I have read helpful posts in this forum about how to get a credential, etc. What a great resource...
  4. grayland

    Via di Francesco

    I am flying to Florence today (26 Sep) to start the walk from Florence to Rome. I will try to post some observations along the way.
  5. SandyBrown

    Hi from Seattle

    One of your members, Grayland, suggested I joined the group, so I did! I'm also from Seattle and as well as having walked several times on the Camino de Santiago have spent the last couple of years exploring Italy and writing about it. My blog is I've had a blast over the last...