via francigena

  1. David Bezear

    5 things you need to know about the Via Francigena

    Check out my blog on 5 Things you need to know about the Via Francigena. It covers interesting thoughts on the differences between the Camino de Santiago and the Via Francigena, Camping, Accommodation recommendations and more. We walked the entire pilgrimage in 2018/19 and are really happy to...
  2. Charl Durand

    Via degli Abati

    In September 2017, while on the Via Francigena we walked the Via degli Abati as an altenative between Pavia and Pontremoli. I wrote a piece on our experience to help others who may be interested in walking it. In short, the Abati is well worth the effort. You can download it here.
  3. Jirit


    The Via Francigena cycle route has been completely mapped using GPS and can be examined on the official website. However, this extraordinary route is not adequately signposted and needs a helping hand if it is to fulfil its potential as the longest signposted cycle route in Italy. To complete...
  4. A

    2016 Slow Walk to Rome 2015-10-28

    Hi all, If you would love to walk to Rome in the Holy Year and earn the Testimonium certificate but can't take a month or two holiday and can't walk 20 km - 30 km per day, this might be for you! amaWalkers Francigena is offering a 12 day, 10 km per day walk on the Via Francigena from Viterbo...