Aoste - Col du Grand Saint Bernard


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Hello to you all friends,

We walked many Camino some years ago and also Via Francigena from Sarzana to Roma.
It happens that we'll drive to Aosta at the end (21 ?) of the month of june 08. We are considering renting an appartment.

Our idea would be to begin to walk Francigena from Col du Grand Saint Bernard to Biella or a little more. That short walk should be over on July 1st.

Our problem : How can we reach Col du Grand Saint Bernard (if free of snow) since bus do not operate in june but only from July 1st.
This was confirmed from different sources (Aoste tourist office, bus companies - italian and swiss).

Does any of you have an idea how to solve this problem ?

Thanks, Grazie, merci.


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Thanks for your time and information provided.

If i read carefully the attached file you sent, and if my poor italian is correct, it seems that they do not accept local trafic within Italy meaning that they would'nt accept to drive us from Aoste to Saint Rhemy : NON EFFETTUA TRASPORTO PUBBLICO LOCALE IN TERRITORIO ITALIANO E SVIZZERO.
I keep on trying finding a solution. If impossible, i'll pay a cab from Aosta to Echevennoz from where we'll start our walk and forget Col du Grand Saint Bernard.

Thanks again.


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Thanks again Piero.
I already saw that timetable. Our target was to drive to Echevennoz and from there take the 10.30 am bus to Col du Grand St Bernard and begin our walk down to Echevennoz. I am afraid that it won't be possible as later buses would arrive too late to begin a safe (due to the risk of storms) descent towards Echevennoz.
Thanks for your time and patience.