Camino Primitivo vs Via Francigena (Lucca-Rome)


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I keep reading about how challenging the Via Francigena is to walk. Is it because of the distances of the stages or because of ascents and descents? Can someone who has walked the Camino Primitivo in Spain and the Via Francigena (Lucca - Rome) compare them for me, as for physical effort?

Piero Frustascarpe

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I only know the Via Francigena. Anyway, from Lucca to Rome there are no scary altitudes, and you can easily plan and adapt the length or your stages to your level of training and energies. If you already have experience of other Caminos, I think you will not have any difficulty over here. :cool:

William Marques

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Again not having done the Primitivo but having done the VdlP I can say the Lucca to Rome section is easier than that. From Lucca to Rome there are no mountains though plenty of hills and reasonable stage lengths.


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I have walked both the Primitivo and the VF. The most strenuous parts of the VF are all north of Lucca. There is nothing remotely like the Hospitales route after Lucca for instance. There are plenty of modest hills but they tend to be long gentle slopes on good surfaces rather than steep and rocky paths. The challenges of the VF in the latter stages are much more to do with the length of stages and the availability of food and accommodation (and drinking water in summer).