Camping in Switzerland

I am planning to walk from Canterbury to Rome starting in June of next year. I had planned on doing it this year but too many loose ends to make it possible. I am interested in learning if anyone has camped walking through Switzerland. If so, any suggestions that you can pass on from your experience: i.e, do you recommend camping, weather, campgrounds or do you just find a spot, if there are campgrounds, do you have to book in advance, how many days to cross Switzerland, and any other info you can forward. Many thanks.

Hi Bernie. I walked from Canterbury to Rome last year (Aug - Oct, 2017) and tent camped a bunch along the way. Here are my day by day experiences through Switzerland. About 9 days total during the first week of September. I did not make any reservations since it was off season. The Via Francigena is an incredible walk. Very glad you will be making the pilgrimage. Let me know if you would like anymore info.

Jougne, France - last town in France. I camped at Le Miroir. Nice, clean and near the Via Francigena. Good place to wash clothes too.

Orbe, Switzerland - first town in Switzerland. TCS Camping on the north side of town is good.

Lausanne, Switzerland - I wild camped in a patch of woods about 8 miles north of town. Quiet and safe.

Vevey / Montreux, Switzerland - I camped about halfway between these two towns at Terrain de la Maladaire. Great tent camping 10 feet from the lake. Not the most clean, but the view is incredible and beer is plentiful. And a grocery is just a short bus ride away.

Aigle, Switzerland - I camped at Camping de la Piscine. Very clean, friendly.

Saint Maurice, Switzerland - i camped outside of town at Camping du Bois-Noir. It was okay. Clean, but not the most friendly.

Martigny, Switzerland - I got a bunk bed at TCS Camping Martigny. It was cold and raining so I gave the tent a break. The campground has about 25 or so bunk beds. Friendly and very close to town. A good spot.

Orsieres, Switzerland - I could not find a campground. Stayed in Hotel Terminus. They have bunk beds on the top floor....kinda like a hostel. It was great.

Great St. Bernard Pass - I stayed at the Hospice at the pass. It was incredible and very affordable.

Entroubles, Italy - I camped at Camping Tunnel. Clean, friendly, great views.
We plan to camp also on some parts when we do our walk. We are investigating tent choices at the moment. What tent did you use and was it ok?
We plan to camp also on some parts when we do our walk. We are investigating tent choices at the moment. What tent did you use and was it ok?
I used the Duplex tent from Zpacks ( It is incredibly light and easy to set up, but also sturdy. And kept me dry the whole way. It's a perfect size for just me. But would be small for two people.