Canterbury to Bescason kmz problem


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Hi Domigee
We are walking from Canterbury to Rome. I wanted the 'kml files' of the path for my mobile mapping application (MAPS.ME). The website claims to have 2 kml files one from Canterbury to Besancon and the other from Besancon to Rome. Unfortunately they are both the same!

I solved the problem by converting the 'gpx file' also on the website to the kml format and using it. The file looks good except it starts in Calais France not Canterbury. A minor problem.

If anyone wants a copy of the file send me your email and I will send it to you directly - the load file feature on this forum wont let me load a kml format file for some reason.

MAPS.ME is a great little app, works in Airplane Mode, maps are free. You may not be where you want to be but you will never be lost!. I have loaded it with the pilgrimage path or route (Kml gps log files) from this website and with the waypoints from the Lightfoot Guidebooks.

Regards Mick Noonan