Canterbury to Rome leaving on 15th June!


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Hi All

I am heading off from Canterbury on 15th June 2019 to take a leisurely stroll to Rome. Have done several Camino's over the last few years. Am using my tent in the main but will stay the odd night in local accommodations.
Any fellow pilgrims leaving around that time?

Tim Redmond

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Hi Scot, just noticing you got no replies. :( It is not the busiest of forums. And not the busiest of routes either.
I walked last year starting 1st April and arriving Rome June28th, so a bit ahead of you. I didn't camp, but it is a useful option certainly in France. Not necessary in Italy where there are many more options, similar to Camino. I met very few other walkers really until Tuscany, which suited me fine.
It is a very different experience from the more popular Caminos. Between Canterbury and GSB I met just two fellow walkers on the first day - they were heading for Spain, two people from New Zealand in Besancon, and a group of 13 French people near the Swiss border. That is all. I like the idea of a 'leisurely stroll'.
I wish you every enjoyment and blessing along the way. Since Rome I have walked on to Brindisi and just last month from Durreës in Albania to Thessaloniki along the Via Egnatia. And still planning........:)

Roving rufus

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I am heading on 15th July for another section from Langres over Grand St Bernard Pass. So depending on your leisurely speed we may cross paths.
I brought a tent but used a mix of accommodation depending on what was available, weather and health for the 2 sections I walked, Canterbury to Chalons en champagne last summer and a week in May onto Langres. The tent opened up more options though I didn't wild camp much, though did camp in a few gardens.


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Hi Scot...Not too far away from you starting in Canterbury. Wish you all the best with your journey. Unfortunately, we won't see you as starting from Fidenza at the end of June.


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Hi All Status Update -

Sorry Ive not posted replies forgive me. I have managed to pickup tendinitis in my left leg and have been attempting to rest as much as possible. Today I was forced to cancel my accommodation reservation in Canterbury for Wednesday next. I am seeing a specialist in the next few days and now hope to commence the adventure at the end of this month! Thank you for the well wishes and I’ll update you on my new departure date! Thanks for the words of support!