Canterbury to Rome - May 2018


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Having walked the Camino Francis from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela and on to Finisterre in 2017 I have been planning and making preparations for the pilgrimage from Canterbury to Rome and plan to begin walking mid May of this year.
Hi David. Glad you will be walking the entire VF. Best wishes.

I walked from Canterbury to Rome last year (Aug - Oct). It was wonderful.

Paul G

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Hi Mark,
I am planning on a 2018 walk starting in Montreux, Switzerland in late August. How did you find the weather (heat and rain) in Italy during September and October?
Hi Paul.

The weather in Italy was great. In general, days were in the 60s and 70s. Nights were in the 40s and 50s. Very little rain...maybe four or five days total. In fact, locals were mentioning how unusually dry it had been.

I walked through Montreux around September 7 last year and crossed the Great St. Bernard Pass into Italy around Sep 11.

Best wishes on your planning and walk. It is incredible.



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Hi Paul
Thanks - how did you find the walk from Martigny to Orsieres ? From what I am reading it is a wee bit scary and I am considering an alternative path to reach Orsieres


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I started walking on the 1st June from Canterbury and now 63 days later find myself in Fidenza - around 1400 kilometres from Canterbury - it has been a truly wonderful and extraordinary journey which has taken me through France, Switzerland and over the Alps to Italy meeting wonderful hospitality all along the way - hope to reach Rome on the 31st August.