Cape or umbrella?


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It might be because the umbrella also can provide some shade, something that is rare on some parts of the VF (from what I have read). I plan on carrying an umbrella for my Canterbury through France section of the VF this spring. I will probably also bring my ultralight poncho (actually a DIY silnylon Parcho) as well.
Thank you Pong for sharing your thoughts.
As you said, I will also bring umbrella and poncho too.
First time use umbrella for trekking, hope it works.

Piero Frustascarpe

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A serious umbrella to be used in hicking and Caminos has to be strong and wide enough to protect you - at least the whole upper part of your body and backpack - in a decent way and to face strong winds as well.
Personally I don't like the umbrella, because when you use it you can't use the poles, and when you tie it to the backpack it's quite cumbersome.
My warm suggestion for you is to try the umbrella on a day trip and then decide if it is worth taking it with you for a month or more.


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I walked from Canterbury to Rome between June and August and carried a EuroSchirm Swing Hands Free Trekking Umbrella. It was a great aid providing shade when walking in temperatures over 35 deg. It was light in weight and the clips provided by EuroSchirm made it truly handsfree.
Piero, thank you for the warm suggestion. Yes, I will try the umbrella on s day trip.

DavidJ, yes! My eyes are on EuroSchirm. Must be hands free, I use trekking poles all the way. Thank you.
I'm one of those pesky "purists", so I use a traditional woollen pilgrim's cape with a broad-rimmed hat (cloth).

The hat's necessary for keeping rain out of your eyes and preventing the sun drilling into your skull -- but those hands-free hiking umbrellas do look like a decent alternative choice.
I'm one of those pesky "purists", so I use a traditional woollen pilgrim's cape with a broad-rimmed hat (cloth).
how do you cope with the weight and 'stickiness' of the wool when it gets soaked (on top of the its normal weight)? that was one of the reasons I opted not to use a woolen cloak for my medieval camino. or you are referring to a shorter cape that just covers the head and shoulders? or just the shoulders?
The wool doesn't get sticky -- the weight is what it is, but mostly when you're walking, the water drips down through the material and onto the ground from the hem.