Cassio and Cisa Pass - Are they open 31st March 2019


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We are starting from Pavia on the 15th April. We expect to be arriving in Cassio on the 22nd April and Cisa Pass on the 23rd April. We have emailed to book the accommodation for at least the last three months. No reply. The Ostello in Cassio should be open the second one opens in April or so it says. Any ideas any suggestions.


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The Cassio and Cisa hostels are difficult to contact. I never succeeded by email, and a phone call I made a couple days before arrival still left me in doubt. But at Svizzando we stayed with Veronica and she called ahead to Cassio. At Cassio the hospitalero called ahead to Cisa. Both hostels were wonderful. This was Sept. so I hope they will be open for you!

Piero Frustascarpe

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Emails to hospitales in Italy are not an efficient communication modality. Just start your walk and two or three days in advance you can call them and inform them of your arrival. And you can get support from the hospitaleros in the places where you stay once you are close to Cassio and Cisa
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