Class of 2018 - Last year's pilgrims


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Accommodation on route is usually covered in France by Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome on their website and the official Via Francigena site for Switzerland and Italy. But what is the accommodation actually like? The main source of up to date opinion from a pilgrims' point of view are those that have been there and there are 4/5 I have found who attempted the route last year.

Walkers include James Knox who goes under the name ^^ountian ^^an whose blog is here though it appears to cover what you can eat more than where you might stay. The second walker was Efren Gonzalez (The Drone Guy) whose website is here. There is more on this further on.

There have been 3 cyclists - Caryn Canfield whose blog stops at Altopascio but there is no reason to think it wasn't completed. There is also a Italian cyclist, @davidariotto, who is based in Spain and whose Instagram account in Spanish/Italian gives a good idea of the camping/hostel options. There is a further cyclist blog from David Adrover Iglesias which gives some recent opinion on accommodation on the route.

If there are others, please add them as it saves trying to check or "independent" comments that clutter most of these sites now.


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As mentioned above, Efren Gonzalez's blog needs a special mention. He has produced what might be called a "box set" of 85 days on the VF condensed into 85 1-minute episodes. As a professional cameraman, he has used a drone and high quality videos to give you an idea of the route, the possible stopping places and more importantly the accommodation he has used. Attaches is a link for each day's video and each day's accommodation if you want to book it yourself (or avoid it).

His trip through France gives an idea of how difficult finding accomodation can be. He had to wild camp 4 times. In addition, as is the case on the Camino Frances, you have to avoid a pilgrim "wave" or you can find the hostels full.

If you find any mistakes on the links, let me know and I'll update it