Cold drinking water availability.

Pilgrim b

We are walking across Tuscany in September when the weather can be still quite hot. I know that on the Camino there were lots of drinking fountains or taps on our journey. But I can't remember seeing many on our past holidays in Italy! So my question is: are there many opportunities on the way to top-up our water bottles or are there many bars on route to call in.
Of course i know we need plenty of water in hot weather. But for everyone of us to carry a rucksac water reservoir would be an expensive outlay, if water is reasonably available ?


From memory, yes and there were even - in some places - water dispensers (very cheaply).
I carried a lot of water though as I was walking in the middle of a heatwave but once had to ask a local 'kindergarten' to refill my bottle.
Do you have a guide book? It should tell you where there are facilities available.
If stuck, don't forget there is drinking water available in cemetaries and you can always ask the locals, I found them very obliging.

Kathryn Daily

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I walked from Acquapendente to Rome last September, and it was very warm. Make certain you have extra water between Bolsena and Montefiascone. There are no stops along the way. I used a water bladder in my backpack. I was very glad I had it.