Cycling the Via Francigena 2019: Tricky bits

Planning a May June 2019 start and have a GPS track for the whole route using National cycle routes. I can see that there are certain bits (GSBP) that need care or walking. Not overly fond of the tunnel sections.

Are there other sections that need close consideration.
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William Marques

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Hated the avalanche tunnels before St Bernard Pass. Tram rails were something to keep an eye on in Lausanne. Otherwise I cannot remember any other problems.
Thanks for the update. I clocked the issue of the avalanche tunnels when checking on Street View so will walk that part. But appreciate the heads up on Lausanne as I came off when crossing some of the tracks in Bordeaux. Modern cities with integrated transport can sometimes be difficult to navigate.

Matthew King

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The GSB pass often doesn't open until mid June due to snow, and you can't cycle through the GSB tunnel. I cycled Canterbury to Rome in June 2017, and made sure I timed it for the GSB pass to open. I fully agree that the avalanche tunnels make for challenging cycling. Make sure you have good rear lights!
OK now counting down the days. Not helpful I've had to see a Cardiologist today (great guy) but we do what we have to do.

I'll stick the pics up here for others but happy to share / investigate as I go along. Will be starting at Calais as I've done the other bit a few times.

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