Do the buses and trains run on Sunday in Italy?


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I'm having a hard time researching public transportation in Italy. It occurred to me that the buses and trains might not run on Sundays. Is this the case?


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The trains do -- the buses either will or won't depending on your precise location. It's variable by bus line, and those lines used 95% by people going in to work or shop on weekdays are the likeliest not to be running.

But there will be fewer of them than on a weekday.

Stephen Beasley

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Just adding my own experiences - as stated the trains do but often the buses will not operate on a Sunday in rural and also not-so-rural areas - although at the time I was very inconvenienced I was glad to see this was the normal routine in the areas of Tuscany I was staying in...quite heavily touristic too...long may it continue.