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Bernie Brunino

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I am planning the accommodations portion of the Via Francigena and noticed a number of accommodations by donations only. Has anyone used this method? What is your opinion? Do you recommend it? What is considered a reasonable donation? I saw this mostly with Town Halls, Churches. I walked the Camino de Santiago where accommodations were not an issues. Albergues were everywhere. This doesn't seem to be the case on the VF.

Thank you


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Hi Bernie.
I walked the VF last year. Many of the Italian pilgrim accommodations were donation based. On average, most folks gave 10 euro.

I am walking the VF from Lausanne to Rome
My lodging experience in Switzerland wasn’t particularly good. Some was downright bad .
But, Italy has been good. Most required
10-15 E/night but was very tidy,clean and with breakfast.
It is good to call one day ahead.