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These are the rules of this forum and they will be used by moderators with the intention of making this forum a good and comfortable place to share and exchange anything related to the Via Francigena.

Point system: This forum has implemented a point system for those users that violate any of the rules below. Every member starts with 0 points, but for each infraction the user is given x number of warning points. Each point given is automatically removed 1 month later.

Users that accumulate the following number of active/non-expired points will see the following:
1-4 points - No action
5-9 points - All posts need to be approved by a moderator
10-19 points - Banned for 1 month
20-29 points - Banned for 3 months
30 and more points (does not expire) - Banned.

If you see that any of your posts has been moderated, please check your current Point Balance on your profile page (under your avatar).

1) No personal attacks are allowed. We can have opinions that differ on topics, but we should not get personal. What is a personal attack and what is not? The "receiver" of a comment might think it is a personal attack, while the author might disagree. The final judgement is made by the moderators (we will do the best we can).

2) No discussions on religion, sports and politics. These topics "always" end in a fight, so let's not go there. It is true that the Via Francigena and religion is closely related, so some leeway will be given.

3) No commercial posts in the forum. As the Via Francigena becomes more and more popular, there are more products and services related to the Via Francigena. If you have one, please feel free to post it in our Resources section.

All other commercial posts will be removed.

4) Obscene language and subjects are prohibited. The occasional slip will be tolerated, but please do not let it become a habit.

5) No trolling. Trolling consists of provoking large volumes of responses by posting absurdities, deliberately offensive insults, etc.

6) Personal comments that are not of general interest should be done by using a Private Message/Conversation. If it's a private comment, then it's a private message.

7) If you do not agree on a moderator decision, please contact the moderator or @ivar in a Private Conversation. All disagreements should be handled in Private Conversations and not in public.

8) Each person is only allowed to have one account in the forum.

9) If you are walking for charity and ask for money, this should be done in the Resource section.
All post asking for money in the forum will be deleted.

10) Commercial avatars are not permitted. Members will be asked to remove those deemed to be commercial. Moderators will warn members and remove these avatars. @ivar shall determine if an avatar violates this rule.

11) Signatures should be a maximum of 3 lines "tall".

12) For photos uploaded to the forum
(including the Photo section) the following rules apply:
  • Photos uploaded to the forum is the property of the person who took the photo.
  • Please only upload photos that are your own.
  • To use these photos in any other way, please contact the person who took the photo for permission.
@ivar will have the final say in any dispute.
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