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    I'll be arriving at Geneva airport on a Monday lunchtime in June. It seems easy to get a train to Martigny, but how then can I get (public transport if possible) to St Bernards Pass to start walking? Please could someone with local knowledge outline the best travel sites to use, and is Orsieres the nearest station? I think the bus does not run on a Monday. Thanks
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    The bus is at the station waiting for the train and connects on Mondays to the 11.45 and 13.17 from Martigny but only in mid summer when the pass is clear.

    Orsieres is where the train stops and the bus starts and buying tickets is easy at Geneva Airport. The train from the airport to Orsieres runs once an hour but you may have to stay the night in Orsieres (there is a hotel by the station) as you will miss the bus which leaves at 12.15 and 14.00 from Orsieres. A taxi may be possible but I have no Idea of the cost.
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