Good news about the Parco dell'Insugherata (entering Rome)


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I was just ready to start a thread on the entrance to Roma. I saw news earlier of the opening of a "new, official" entrance to avoid the highway, but actual users accounts are hard to find. hopefully it will still be usable for another 3 months.


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In the last weeks, due to heavy rain and hot weather, the Parco dell'Insugherata, at the doos of Rome, seemed more a tropical forest than a park and the trail was invaded by high plants.
I just received the news that the trail has been cleared of green obstacles. :)

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We walked this section on Thursday and it almost impassable due to being overgrown. Sad that this is an issue as it now has new signs.
Rubbish on the Via Cassio is a problem which they seem unable to sort as you walk into Rome. Beautiful city with streets and paths uncared for so it is in places ruined.


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It has been cleared in a fashion but watch out for trailing blackberry canes at eye height ready to tear your face to pieces . It was a relief to find it clear , a respite from the road and the gut wrenching smell of weeks of uncollected and putrifying garbage in La Storta.
Watch out for rabbit holes on the path, a member of our group ' sprained ' their ankle stepping into one but persisted and walked on into Rome . On return to the UK the diagnosis was two fractures.20190614_052413.jpg 20190614_052232.jpg


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I'm in Malta now for some r&r then returning to Rome tomorrow for the 27hr flight home to Melbourne .
I am glad I walked the Francigena, especially the way from Aosta to Vercelli ,though unlike the Camino de Santiago I really do doubt that I would do it again . I heard many times on the way how " the Francigena will become the new Santiago ". I don't think so , infrastructure in Italy is just too far developed to reverse engineer rural paths for pilgrims . Tourists are no new phenomena to Italians who have a take it or leave it approach unlike the Spanish . I found Italian friendliness and hospitality everywhere , this is the greatest treasure of the Francigena, many of the paths and roadways certainly less enjoyable.