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I have been looking at the Lightfoot books with a purchase in mind, it says on the page that GPS Coordinates are available to download. This I have managed to do but am unable to open them, I have an Apple, anyone know what app I need to open the GPS data?



I use a app called GPS Kit on my Apple iPhone. It usually helped keep me on the straight and narrow on the Camino Ignaciano. It's cheap, somewhat easy to use, just remember to look at a few days worth of maps in advance on wi-fi to make sure the offline maps are cached. I also use HERE offline maps. Although these can't accept GPS tracks, if I ever do get lost and the GPS Kit has gone wonky, I always know how to get from where I am to where I'm going on HERE - just maybe not along the exact Camino path. HERE is free too and I just keep the map of where I'm going at the time in my phone's memory.

BTW, can you add the link to the downloads for the GPS tracks? I downloaded a couple of sections to test them a month ago but I can't seem to find them again.


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Hello Michael,

The GPS waypoints you can download with the above link make sense if you have got the LF guide.

To get the (more comprehensive) "official" GPS tracks, use :

The procedure is not really straightforward (unless I have missed something) :
- use an adequate browser (on my PC, Chrome, I could not manage with Firefox)
- check "vie francigene del nord" in "itinerari"
- click on one of the pilgrim icons in the map
- for each "tappa" (stage), click on "detagli"
- scroll down to "scarica traccia GPS" (download GPS track).
- to be repeated for each stage...

In 2015, the official tracks were not 100% in line with the current signage, but the lag in updating is quite limited.