Hello fellow pellegrinos

Jane V. Blanchard

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My husband and I plan to start at the San Bernardo Pass in late August 2017. We've been wanting to do this pilgrimage for many years. If my mother's health prevails, we hope to realize our dream this year.

I am taking a basic Italian course and studying the customs in Italy. All these preparations are making me antsy...I can't wait to start walking.

While hiking the Camino Francés, pilgrims greeted each other with "Buen Camino!" Is there a similar greeting while walking on the Via Francigena?


We always used "Bueno Cammino" when leaving or passing pilgrims in Italy but I'd say that 9 out of 10 Italians townsfolk wished us "Buono viaggio" when greeting us.

Bueno Cammino!


Hi Jane! All being well, I should be just a month ahead of you! Very excited!
Buono viaggio!!! :)
(I'm - very - slowly working on my Italian too).

Charl Durand

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Hi Jane, we'll be a week or two behind you... starting in Lausanne early September. Have a happy and problem-free journey!