I plan to walk from San Miniato from late May 2020


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Hello. I have walked the Portuguese Coastal Camino in 2017 and now i am planning to walk via francigena from San Miniato from late May 2020. Can i get a credential in San Miniato? What accomadation (not too expensjve) did members use in San Miniato? Many thanks.


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There are two parts of SM. Alto and Basso. The pilgrim accommodation is in the Alto part along with the Misericordia ((https://www.misericordiasanminiatobasso.org/) in the lower.

There are two pilgrim facilities. There is https://www.facebook.com/lhospitaledelpellegrino/ but there is/was the Convento Francescano but I think those facilities have been taken over by a faith organisation. If you want to try guest houses, there are a few in the upper town (Alto). Or the hotels. As you can see from the photos, there is a bag carrying service in Tuscany if it all becomes too much.