Improvements to Saint Peters by foot

Fritz Nordengren

New Member
This is from the Jubilee of Mercy website:

On Monday, September 7 at Villa Mazzanti, the headquarters of "Roma Natura", a project was presented for the improvement of Via Francigena and the regional roads that connect to it.

The project, under the direction of the Region of Lazio, aims to make it possible to reach Saint Peter's Basilica safely on foot by way of Via Francigena, the official route.

Nicola Zingaretti, the president of the Region of Lazio, exlained with satisfaction the goals reached by the project: “Within a few weeks it will be possible, finally, to enter Rome and arrive at Saint Peter’s on foot, thanks to the completion of the work bringing Via Francigena into a proper condition, a religious pathway that we offer to the world, and also a great opportunity to develop our territory”.