Italian Cell Phone SIMs


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Does anyone have a recommendation for purchasing an Italian SIM card?

I have used Spanish SIMs in Spain for many years and am pretty familiar with the ones offered...but have no clue in Italy.

Paul G

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I see this topic is more than a year old. But here is some information I have collected for my VF Camino in 2018. I am interested in others' experiences with mobiles. Since I will be traveling from the USA with an unlocked mobile phone I will be installing a SIM (as different from someone traveling with a mobile with an EU SIM).

On purchasing Italian SIM cards:

On coverage in Italy (copertura) of the various mobile phone operators:
TIM coverage:
Vodaphone coverage:

On agreement to end roaming charges on EU mobile phones (doesn't apply to me) and not sure how this applies to Switzerland which is not an EU country:…/agreement-end-roaming-charges-june-2…

Hope that helps!