Looking for partner(s) to walk from Canterbury to Roma


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I will arrive Canterbury on May13,2019 and ready for the journey to Rome. I am planning to stay at Kipps

Bernie Brunino

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Hi Bernie I will be in Canterbury on May13 and ready to start any day. are you interested to partner for this wonderful journey
Hello Hue: I will not be in Canterbury until mid afternoon on May 14 and starting the walk on morning of May 15. I don't know when your plan is to start but if you are in Canterbury when I get there, I would be happy to partner up. I am staying at Kipps the night of the 14th. If you do start on the 13th, I may catch up to you along the way. Either way, have a great journey.


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Just a heads up for those north of Arras. If you are taking the canal towpath, some are closed off due to engineering work. As they’re not signposted you end up having to turn back a way. There are paths on the other side so you just need to find a bridge. Good maps/mapping program will come in handy
I agree with the happily walking alone during the day, but as you said, nice to have company in the evening. I won't be starting until late September this 2019. Good luck and happy travels.
We’re are you starting?
I’m flying in to Geneva on Sept 12 and
Walking from Lausanne on sept 15