Lucca to Rome Oct 2018


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Almost exactly two years ago, I started my first Camino (100 kms from SJPDP on Le Puy, down the Camino Frances, finishing at Finisterre). 1,000 kms which took me two months. :)
Tomorrow, I’m on the Via Francigena. I completed Canterbury to Dover with my sisters in April this year, then waited for the summer heatwave to finish before tackling the last 400 km to Rome (will go back & do France, Switzerland & northern Italy later);).
Lucca is my starting point.
Wish my luck & if you’re in the same route at the same time, say hi. I’ve got a lime green Aarn backpack.:)


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Hi Suzanne. Having walked to SJPdP from Le Puy (2018) and from SjPdP to Santiago (2016), my wife and I can understand why you are underway again. We will be walking from Great St Bernard's Pass to Rome next year (stepping off on 25 Aug). We will therefore follow any posts you make on this site with great interest.

We do indeed wish you good luck and a safe journey.