Marking the way?


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Could someone who has walked the Francigena share how the path is marked? I presume the flechas amarillas, the yellow arrows of the Camino de Santiago are not used. Is that correct?

And how difficult is it to find the way? When I walked the Norte and got lost (3 times) I resorted to and a downloaded map of the Norte. Do similar trail assists exist for the Norte?

Many thanks for any help with this.
I found the trail difficult at best. In May I flew rto Rome to walk North. I was quite difficult. I ended up returning to VT/USA
Signage was almost impossible.
I am returning mid sept to Lausanne, to hike south , with maps and Apps
Would love to find others.

Nick J Lomonte

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There is a GPX map which can be downloaded on your smart phone. It works quite good. We just walked from San Gimignano to Rome in May. I'm attaching a sample of the markings we experienced. It is not marked as good as the Camino in Portugal and Spain. It was a great pilgrimage and we thoroughly enjoyed it.
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I use RidewithGPS which has a walking / cycling choices but I have the route marked out before I start. It is very sensitive to going off route and has saved me a number of times. Even though I am a seasoned walker/cyclist I still make mistakes so the spoken turn-by-turn directions are very useful.

But with all technology, it suffers from two drawbacks. Firstly it is heavy on power use so I have a high capacity powerbank to top up the power. And the GPS is only as good as the signal you can get. So some remote places you have to revert to the OSM maps which you've downloaded. Maps are very detailed though