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When I did my Camino on the Norte in 2017, one of my very few points of sadness was that the churches were almost always locked. I understand why, for security reasons. The Spanish practice of having Mass in the evening at some time between 7 and 8, however, was deeply satisfying and made for a rich, spiritual journey for me.

Does anyone have any knowledge of the Italians situation?
Are the churches locked during the day when we would be passing by?
Is there any pattern to when daily Masses are scheduled, morning or evening?

Many thanks!

Piero Frustascarpe

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It happens the same in Italy. Most of the churches are closed when there are no rites/cleaning/rehearsals in progress. You have better chances to find churches open along the day in larger villages and in towns.
In villages/towns that have more than 2000 inhabitants there is at least a parish and in its main church there is a mass every morning, usually around 7 or 8. On Saturday nights there is a vespertine mass at about 6. On Sundays there could be masses on 7, 9, 11 a.m. and at 6 p.m.
But don't take it for granted, because the priests are less and less and a good deal of parishes are left without a resident priest.
You'd better to ask the hospitaleros in every places you stay.
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