Opinion ?


I find myself realising that in 18 days time, no legal nor practical impediment would remain to stop me making a 2020 pilgrimage to Rome from my front door, en attendant the capability to continue the current Home to Home via Fatima, Compostela, and Lourdes.

It's an unexpected and slightly scary notion !!

It's just 800K or so, and TBH I've recently been starting to get a bit homesick for Italy, even though I can see that silly & beautifully magnificent country from my bedroom window, and two local buses can take me there (where I can purchase some alternate sorts of booze than usual ; but I can also call some family and friends for free on the Italian network, not free from France).

Can't even ask for advice in this, as it's almost by definition something that only another "True Pilgrim" could help me with, and then only face to face, and if he/she were on the Pilgrim Way. My Godfather (he's a year younger than me, bless) is often very helpful by default, but not this time.

But your random personal commentary would help, which I guess is the point of this post.

What do you think about this crazy notion ?