Other accomodations

William Marques

Staff member
Parochial accommodation in Italy in almost always by donation.

Monasteries, convents and other such establishments however often have a fixed charge such as 40 euro at the St Bernard Pass down to 10 euro at the lowest. 20 euro is an average for these types of places and hostels.

B+Bs vary from 20 euro upwards..

Sylvia Nilsen

New Member
I have found the prices in Switzerland and Italy astronomical compared with 9 years ago! Places we stayed in for 30 CHF or 30 € are now 120 CHF and 115 € for a double room. Many places charge per room whether it is single or double occupancy. These are the prices quoted in the Hospice at the Gr St Bernard

Tarifs 2014-15

Logement en dortoir
Nuit et petit-déjeuner: 30.-
Demi-pension: 48.-
Pension complète: 64.-

Logement en chambre
Nuit et petit-déjeuner: 43.-
Demi-pension: 61.-
Pension complète: 75.-

Retraite spirituelle pour groupe (+ jeunes non-salariés)

Nuit et petit-déjeuner: 25.-
Demi-pension: 37.-
Pension complète: 48.-