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There is also 'Like a tramp like a pilgrim' by Harry Bucknall
and by Robert Muirhead 'The long Walk' (a member of the Camino forum :) )

Oops sorry just seen it was already mentioned... I should've gone to Specsavers ;)

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Personal Accounts

Babette Gallard, Riding the Roman Way, EURL Pilgrim Publications, 2007, 189 pages, ISBN 978-2-917183-00-7, £11.99

Christopher Lambert, Taking a Line for a Walk, 1000 Miles on Foot from Le Havre to Rome, 144pp., ISBN: 1-85149-470-7, illustrations

Gerard Hughes, In Search of a Way, Two Journeys of Spiritual Discovery, London: Darton, Longman and Todd, 2nd edition 1986 , 174pp ISBN 0-232-51694-4

Hilaire Belloc, The Path to Rome, illustrated, reprinted many times.

Peter Francis Browne, Rambling on the Road to Rome, Summersdale Publishers, 333 pp ISBN: 1840241675

Brian Mooney, A Long Way for a Pizza and The Wrong Way for a Pizza


Debra J. Birch, Pilgrimage to Rome in the Middle Ages (Studies in the History of Medieval Religion, vol. XIII), Woodbridge, Suffolk: Boydell Press, 1998. 240pp, index