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Does anyone know how best to get to Radicofani using public transport? It seems like the best way is train to Fabro-Ficulle and then bus to Radicofani. I wondered if the more experienced fmtravelleds amongst you had better suggestions?



assuming you are coming from rome, rometorio has a 2h train connection to Chiusi - Chianciano Terme (5/day) then a 1h bus ride to Radicofani (6/week so probably 1/day and none on sunday).


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Thank you although I’m coming the other way, travelling from England on the train to my starting point at Radicofani. I’ll check to see if I can reach Chuisi - Chianchiano that way.
As Caminka suggests, Rome2Rio is a useful site. As you have not stated your starting point, it would be difficult to give a clearer idea but here is a range of possibilities using London as a starting point. There is even an (almost all) train journey using an overnight route from Paris to Padova if you are wanting to take the slow route.


Just plug in your starting location and it will give you a better list of suggestions.


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Thanks to your help and some further research my travel to Radicofani is booked. Trains from London-Paris, Paris-Florence, Florence-Chiusi and from Chiusi I walk to Radicofani and onwards...

Relatively cheap and the timings are perfect, giving me a good few hours to see a little of Paris and Firenze!