RUNNING the VF?! And backwards?!


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Hi all,
I'm Laura. My plan is to start in Rome and head to Canterbury, adding a few days on the end to get home to Surrey. Anyone know how easy/difficult it will be doing it in reverse? And I will be running it. Any info about the terrain would be much appreciated.
Laura M

William Marques

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With good mapping it will be as easy/difficult as doing it the other way to Rome. From memory the southern ascents of the Alps and Jura were steeper than coming from the North.

Terrain: Rome to Pontremoli moderate ups and downs every day, Pontremoli to Fornovo over the Apennines, Fornovo to Ivrea Po valley especially flat after Fidenza, Ivrea to Aosta valley bottom, Aosta to Martingy over Alps, Martigny to Orbe flattish, Orbe to Besancon over Jura, Besancon to Calais flattish, Dover to Canterbury Downland.


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About the terrain in Italy : mostly asphalt or gravel roads. Broken ground, creek beds, scree in the Apennines.

Signage in Italy is nearly correct when going to Rome, but more problematic when doing the way in reverse. A GPS would be handy.