San Gimignano to Rome

We are planning of starting our pilgrimage in San Gimignano on April 27th. Is there readily available drinking water along the way? Or are there areas where we may need to carry additional water?
Appreciate any information.
My "sources" on the Via Francigena are:
  • bars, restaurants and every kind of shop;
  • public fountains in villages and towns;
  • farms and houses (just ring the bell and ask: Italians do LOVE pilgrims :));
  • cemeteries (yes, in all our cemeteries there is a tap to water flowers).
Nonetheless, I warmly suggest you to carry one liter of water each, because often there are stretches of path of more than 10 Km without any chance of "refuelling".
some pilgrims mentioned water dispensers, a tiny huts with a blue roof (usually) where you can refill your bottle for 10c per 1l, I think. not sure if there are any between san gimignano and rome, though.

I've always drank from cemeteries in italy, no problems. some cemeteries even have toilets! even tiny ones! very useful, italian cemeteries.