September 2017


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I didn't stay in many places in Switzerland but I did have a problem so I will post my experiences.
Yverdon - I stayed in the gite-du-passant, this is hostal accommodation, there is a kitchen. I paid SF28 for bed only. They do breakfast for those who want it. Price is then SF32.70
Orsiéres - small house behind the church, run by the parish. Mattresses only but otherwise well equipped. Code for door available from Tourist Office or parish priest. SF15 Orsiéres is a fair size town, bigger than I expected, with shops, bars, hotel etc.
Bourg-St-Pierre - I phoned the Maison St Pierre in the morning, from a phone box in Liddes, and was told that there would be no problem, when I arrived there was no-one there just a note saying 'If you want to stay phone ...' It was a French mobile number, I didn't want to use my mobile but there was no alternative. A girl answered asked how many I was, kept me on the phone for 2 minutes whilst she conferred with someone, and then said 'No'. They were only accepting groups. The call cost me €9.99. I then went to Bivouac de Napoleon and had a room in an annex for SF29 but I also paid for breakfast, this was really necessary as there is nowhere between Bourg St-Pierre and the St Bernard Pass to get any refreshment or hardly even to sit down.
I have no idea what went wrong with the Maison St Pierre, according to their own web site they welcome pilgrims, it is SF20 and you only have to phone the number on the notice, so I guess I was just unlucky.