St. Bernard's Pass to Rome, May 2019


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A friend and I will be walking next year at the very end of May, hoping to begin at St. Bernard's (which we realize may not be realistic depending on snow). I am just beginning my research into stages and accommodations, and have begun training (walking).

In 2017, my friend and I met while walking the Camino Frances from SJPP to Santiago, so we've both committed to and completed a long thru-hike before. I am less experienced than she is, but we are both enthusiastic about the experience!

I can't say that my family (especially my husband and mom) is as excited by the prospect of my being away for a minimum of 45 days. Any tips on how to stay connected while I'm out on the trail? Did anyone else have success in keeping family apprised on their current whereabouts and survival and have any tips?

Thank you for any and all tips, tricks, and advice!
I too would like to give my friends and relatives a way to track my moves.the app doesn’t have a tracker but the tech. can’t be that hard. I email my friends and relatives at the end of each day( one massive posting daily).
Let me know if you come up with anything.


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I am actually doing the Via Francigena next, maybe about the same time, which will be my 5th camino.
My wife accompanied me on only one of them, and on all other caminos where I was alone, she was able to track me on her phone at all times. There are mobile apps such as "Find Friends" which make that possible, not to mention we facetimed (iPhones)on daily basis.