Starting my 1st pilgrimage ride Cantebury to Rome around July 23.


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Half-way now so interested to know about the Martigny - Aosta section as that is where most people have an issue.

Got the following from the Tourist Office in Martigny which may be of interest.

As far as the transport from Martigny to Aosta is concerned, if you want to transport your cycle, you have to take the bus which goes directly from Martigny to Aosta (which doesn't pass by the Grand-St-Bernard Hospice).

The bus is normally at 08:35 and 18:30 on Tuesday and Friday and at 18:30 on Sunday in Martigny.

On that website, you can find the timetable ( and you can also contact the company by phone (0041 27 783 11 43) to confirm the timetable and be sure that you can transport your cycle.
Seems that this bus will stop at miss out the intervening stops after B-St-P as a fast route to Aosta.
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The bus certainly goes through the tunnel but as I recollect it does stop at various points. The avalanche tunnels between B St P and the turn to the Pass on the old road are the most scary places as the road does have quite a bit of traffic. One of the main road it is a narrow road without much traffic except motorcycles and tourists and the very occasional bus but unless the weather report is good to fair the St Bernard Pass is not a good spot to be caught out in a snow storm.


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If all is going well you should be around Fiorenzuola. And next week you'll be heading over to Pizza and Siena via San Miniato.

San Miniato is one of my favourite hill top villages which you will see a lot of during your Italian section. But it is also the last chance to visit Florence before you head south toward Rome. If you have the time stop an extra day at San Miniato (Alto) and take the train into Florence for the day. It's only an hour each way. The station is in the lower part of town (Basso) and there are regular buses from Alto to Basso.